Wild garlic plant

'WILD GARLIC' Capsules/Granules

Wild garlic plant

-Leek without Reek-

Botanical Information

In the literature we find 'Wild Garlic' (Allium ursinum) under the section for all leeks and common garlic species. In nature we find 'Wild Garlic' only in areas-with very special environmental conditions. When picking 'Wild Garlic' leaves one has to be careful not to mix the leaves with similar shaped leaves of other plants, which are rather toxic and of course of no help to our body.


Until the year 1988 'Wild Garlic' was not available to benefit people, since natural preservation methods were unknown. A German Biologist rediscovered such method in 1988. While scientific centers opened right and left to find solutions to eliminate the terrible odour of common garlic, a NEW ERA of the naturally odourless 'WILD GARLIC' began. Scientific studies of 'Wild Garlic' were initiated, partially in co-operation with various University clinics or at subject oriented High Schools. The results were amazing and surprised the experts. Scientifically tested 'Wild Garlic' leaves showed the highest concentrations of

Sulphur compounds, Magnesium, Manganese and Adenosine

found in plant tissues so far. Iron also was found in high concentrations. Sulphur compounds 'clean' the bowels of pathogen bacteria and yeast (beside many others, e.g. candida). Together with Adenosine they build Adenosyl-Methionine, the most important Co-Enzyme, which helps to destroy toxic substances in our organism. Wild Garlic is very important for weight reduction diets since otherwise the organisms could be flooded by heavy metals through the reduction of fat. In 'Schloß Warmsdorf, Germany, every weight reduction treatment is initiated and complemented with fresh 'Wild Garlic' Capsules or Granules.

The body's defense system becomes activated through the 'Wild Garlic' leaves, which are used in 'WILD GARLIC' Capsules and Granules. It prevents Cholesterol from oxidation and keeps the Cholesterol as raw material available for cell building and hormone production instead of damaging vessels. In addition the elimination of bile acids and Cholesterol is promoted.

... and to us modern people it is of tremendous benefit that 'Wild Garlic' does not leave us with the terrible smell we know from its relative the common garlic. To achieve all these benefits it is very important to know when one must harvest the precious leaves, to pick only healthy and fresh ones in proper location and last but not least, to manufacture 'Wild Garlic' products like 'WILD GARLIC' Capsules and Granules by using a natural preservation method according to a recipe which is not commonly known.

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